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Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

When will be shipped ?
As soon the payment is confirmed and package is ready , it takes about 5 days.


Do you sell spare parts?
Yes we can sell , just contact us by e-mail


How work the warranty?
We produce this Tricycle convertion kit for many years and we never had warranty problems , but off course if you have some problem we will take care carefully.


The tricycle kit works in any bicycle?
Yes , you can assembly in any bicycle since 20″ , 24″ ,26″ or 29″ inch , we prefer always use 20″ in back
because is more strong and also give more stability


The kit has traction in booth back wheels?
Yes , we invented and patented a new system which we call TTS- Tricycle traction System and offer a two wheels traction


Can I track my order ?
We use EMS  Mailorder to send the order , and give you the tracking numer but depends from the mail from your country to correctly track the order, mostly works well


Who mostly use this?
Tricycles are common used to solve needs of transportation, any required physiotherapy or simply a good and safer idea of balance riding and is the right choice for old people.


Is the payment secure?
Yes , we only use Paypal the worldwide leader leader in on line and secure payment.

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