1 Steel structure reinforced with electrostatic black paint
2 Steel axles with 15 mm
1 Freewheel TTS differential system (developed and patented by Dream Bike)
4 Sealed 6202ZZ bearings
2 wheels mounted with rims size 20″ with aluminum double wall aero rim and special Dream Bike aluminum hubs,
2 Tires 20” x 1.95
2 Tubes 20”
1 Wire basket with black paint;
1 Single speed freewheel with TSS ( tricycle traction system)
2 Support for disc brake 160 mm
2 Support for Brake Caliper for cable ajust
2 Brake cable with 3 meters size
1 Special chain stretcher
2 Nuts
Color – Black


Tricycle Conversion Kit

SKU: 1002

  • This Kit product created by Dream Bike easily converts most of the regular bicycles into a Tricycle.

    Basically 3 wheel bicycles are a safer alternative of cycling for an older person, as well anyone required of special needs, disabilities or any difficulties to ride a regular 2 wheel bike. The stylish rear basket offers a smart solution to carry any small to medium size items.

    Using your existing bicycle, these conversion kit allows you to turn into a tricycle only extracting the back wheel and installing the kit into your own bike frame. Easily pre-assembly is required. Compatible with traditional bicycles sizes 20”, 24” and 26” inches.

    The Tricycle Conversion Kit is Equipped with the TTS – Tricycle traction System (uniquely created by Dream Bike) this is a differential unit is built into the center of the structure of the Conversion kit providing an easy freewheel riding experience.

    Tricycles are common used to solve needs of transportation, any required physiotherapy or simply a good and safer idea of balance riding.